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Twitter: #AskAng

Hi babies!  Here I am with another Ask Ang for you all.  Don’t forget to keep sending your relationship, décor and pets questions my way!! Xoxo Ang

This first question comes from one of my twitter babies @cherrelyn and she asked…


Of COURSE it does!! I’ll be the first to admit that there are some @$$HOLES out there, but you just have to be able to weed out the bad ones!! The right man will come along for you my baby, I have no doubt about it! But one thing is for sure… DO NOT SETTLE!  The right guy will make you happy and support everything that you do (and hopefully spoil you from time to time, I know Neil does!) But whatever you do, do not give up on love!

The next question comes from @tomweible and he wrote…


Hi baby!! I would LOVE to get drunk with you!! Come by the Drunken Monkey in Staten Island sometime we will have a GREAT time! =)

The last question is from @PRINCESSDALIANA and she asked…


There will not be another season of Miami Monkey but we are filming season 5 of Mob Wives NOW! Xoxo

Posted by:
Angela Raiola
Big Ang (born Angela Raiola) is a reality television personality. She rose to fame after starring in the series Mob Wives. Tune in to the Miami Monkey Thursday Nights 10/9c on VH1

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