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How I’m spending Valentines Day

My Romantic Valentines Day will go like this…Neil will start by have my Prosecco Champagne on ice and my Cabernet opened -just the way i like it! The table will be set with lots of candles, 3 dozen white and red roses, my really sexy leopard print china ( only for special occasions ) and a perfect sunset in the background. He will make me my 3 favorite dishes; A grilled Porterhouse steak, Orange & fennel salad, Hot Peppers & Mushrooms sautéed with garlic and oil, and can’t forget Garlic Bread. After that feast, if he didn’t screw anything up! he will pop & pour me my Prosecco Champagne served with fresh fruit & chocolate. Then my favorite part! PRESENTS!! nothing crazy, only Gucci & Jewelry, and if he gets lucky I will let him massage me with oil!

Happy Valentine my babies xo

Tell me what you have planned! I want to hear all about it!!!

Orange & Fennel Salad- YUMMMM!

Mushrooms & Peppers sautéed in garlic and oil

Chocolate Covered Berries


Sunset from my window

Posted by:
Angela Raiola
Big Ang (born Angela Raiola) is a reality television personality. She rose to fame after starring in the series Mob Wives. Tune in to the Miami Monkey Thursday Nights 10/9c on VH1

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