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DIY: King of Hearts

Hi loves!! My baby Louis gets treated like the king he is, and recently I’ve loved making him his own doggy treats from scratch. This week, I wanted to share with you my most recent recipe find from Pinterest that your pups are going to LOVE!! 


  • Plain organic Greek yogurt
  • Natural peanut butter
  • A heart shaped ice tray
  • A spoon.


  1. Spoon a small amount of peanut butter into the base of the ice tray. You can heat up the peanut butter first to make it easier (and not so messy) to spoon in. The more you add, the thicker the top layer on the treats will appear. You can play around with different amounts to get varying final results.
  2. Next, dollop heaping spoonfuls of the yogurt to cover the peanut butter in each mold.
  3. Press yogurt down into the molds using the back of your spoon to make sure they’re packed. This will help seal the peanut butter and yogurt together in the final treat. You can even gently “drop” the tray a few times in order to encourage further settling. If you have excess yogurt in any of the molds, gently scoop away until level with mold and pop into the freezer for at least 4 hours.
  4. Once frozen, remove tray and pop out individual frozen treats. That’s it! Feed them to your pups and watch them enjoy!

Let me know how your babies like these frozen heart-shaped dog treats! Xo Ang

Posted by:
Angela Raiola
Big Ang (born Angela Raiola) is a reality television personality. She rose to fame after starring in the series Mob Wives. Tune in to the Miami Monkey Thursday Nights 10/9c on VH1

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